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Budgeting for Your Floral Centerpieces

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

When the time comes to plan the flower arrangements at weddings, things can get pricey very quickly. The way to plan centerpieces for your wallet is to think outside the box. Ask yourself these questions:

(1). Do you really need a floral centerpiece on every table?

(2). Will your guest be disappointed that there is not an extravagant floral arrangement at their table? I do not think so! What is best for you is keeping the creativity and romance for your wedding reception warm and inviting without devaluing the ambiance.

Consider spending money on the following tables: Sweetheart table, Estate table, Wedding

Party, and Seating Card table. These tables require special attention to detail. The sweetheart table can have cascading flowers or a six feet floral runner. Then, center on the estate, wedding party, and seating card tables with an elevated arrangement. Those tables will consist of beautiful roses, hydrangeas, and salal leaves that you and your guest will appreciate. If your budget for flowers is small, you, along with your floral designer, may opt to decorate only the sweetheart, estate, wedding party, and seating card tables.

Let us address the guest tables and their centerpieces. The best suggestion is placement of your tables to face toward the estate table, or your sweetheart table. This leaves the guest attention on the wedding couple or wedding party. Centerpieces can now be a trio of candles that can create a floral scent or a bud vase with three spray rose stems for each guest table. So, your budget does not have to dictate that elevated floral centerpieces be on every table. In the end, you can concentrate on flowers for four tables instead of thirty. That is the best way to create something worthwhile and memorable for your wedding.

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